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The Importance of Brand Core Values

When planning for online marketing, it’s important to decide what your brand image is like, including brand core values. A brand’s image can be important for a website, advertisements, and social media presence. It helps to form associations between a personality (which humans have and can relate to) and a brand. There are many aspects to a brand image. But what about brand core values makes them relatable, and how do they contribute to marketing success? 

With this question in mind, we’ll discuss the importance of brand values and some examples of how brand core values have been useful to key brands.

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Brand Core Values are essential for every brand image to create consistency and make a company cohesive.
The Importance of Brand Core Values 3

What Are Brand Core Values? 

First and foremost, what are these elusive values that are applied to a brand and its image? According to The Branding Journal, a brand’s core values are “the foundational beliefs that a company stands for.” In this way, they guide the company to make certain decisions throughout its lifetime, which helps to build credibility with audiences.

In this way, brand core values help to establish a blueprint for a brand’s decision-making which can garner support. Some choose to shop and interact with brands with these values based on their prioritization. For others, core values are a way to measure if a brand is really telling them the truth. 

Brands establish these values to convince users that they adhere to these guidelines and are, therefore, [insert core value here]. 

transparency as a brand core values example.
The Importance of Brand Core Values 4

What Are Some Examples of Brand Core Values?

Many brand core values have proven successful for brand imaging. Some examples of values you could use are: 

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Education
  • Environmental Friendliness
  • Customer-focused

These are examples that brands have used and publicly shared, but they are more than just sets of words. Let’s explore some of the brand values of a major brand more closely to see how they can be used practically. 

For example, Starbucks is a major American coffee company with the core values of “Teamwork, Integrity, Respect for Culture, and Perseverance.” These words together, and the explanations of their mission that you can find on their website, help to establish a culture for Starbucks that is inclusive, communicative, and welcoming. Here are a few other companies and their values: Apple, Microsoft

Their goal is to have more people connecting, talking to one another, and drinking their coffee in their coffee shops, and their brand’s core values pretty handily accomplish this goal.


To conclude, establishing brand core values works wonders for credibility and trust. Core values are an essential aspect of brand image and can contribute to brand success down the line. 

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Conrad Böhnke
Conrad Böhnke

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