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Your Design Bottleneck
Just Disappeared

No need to stress over in-house hires or unreliable freelancers. We're your on-demand design squad, ready to scale up or down whenever you need us.

Sign up for any plan and enjoy the freedom to request as many designs as you wish.

Typically, your design will be ready within a few business days, from Monday to Friday.

We'll keep tweaking the designs until you're completely happy with the results.

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People ignore designs that ignore people.

Settle for more, for less

Upgrade your projects, downgrade your stress. UI Rocket is the smart way to outsource design. We’re your plug-and-play design experts, delivering stunning UI/UX consistently and cost-effectively for a flat monthly fee. Ditch the design headaches – we’ve got this!


We know how much busy professionals hate meetings. We’ll call you back, but we won’t call you.

Use Trello to manage projects

Your design board will be easily accessible with Trello. Keep an eye on our progress and tasks from a distance.

Everyone is invited!

Invite your all your colleagues so anyone can submit requests and stay up to date with their progress.

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UI Rocket did a great job helping us with a UI/UX design project based on an existing design.

David Forster,

Membership Benefits

Benefits so irresistible, UI Rocket will be your last stop for design needs. No kidding.


Unlimited design requests and revisions to overcome your design challenges effortlessly.

Subscribe and get access to a comprehensive range of the superior quality design services.
Fast turnaround
Time is money. Say goodbye to long waiting times. Receive design updates within 2 days on average.

We offer a range of collaboration methods to keep you in the loop every step of the way.

You don’t need to worry about downtime anymore. Pause or cancel your subscription anytime.
Fixed Monthly Fee
Same fixed price each month regardless of the number of brands and design requests.

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Responsive Mobile Design, UI/UX Design Reviews, Strategy


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Strategy, Branding, Web Design, Copywriting

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DotCom Club

on our own

Strategy, Branding, Web Design, Copywriting, Design System

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with ContentMarketingX

Strategy, Branding, Web Design, Copywriting, Responsive Design

Our Memberships Levels

Your Design Power-Ups. Level up, your way.

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Ideal for small teams or businesses needing occasional high quality design support.

$2450 / month
Paid monthly.
Pause or cancel anytime.
What's included:
One request at a time


Perfect for growing companies seeking consistent, high-quality design output.

$3450 / month
Paid monthly.
Pause or cancel anytime.
What's included:
Two requests at a time
Wordpress developer


The ultimate design solution for enterprises demanding maximum design impact at scale.

$7350 / month
Paid monthly.
Pause or cancel anytime.
What's included:
Three requests at a time
Multiple designers & developers
Expedited 12-24 hour delivery

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Hesitant about a monthly design subscription? Just try our two-week Standard trial.
$995 / one-time

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FAQs - Find your answers

Got some questions? Here are the answers you’re looking for.

A design subscription plan with UI Rocket is a simple, cost-effective way to meet all your design needs without the hassle of hiring freelancers or full-time designers. Think of it as having a dedicated design team at your fingertips, ready to bring your creative visions to life, whenever you need them.

Great question! Hiring a full-time designer can be costly, often exceeding $80,000 annually, plus benefits. Also, there’s the issue of fluctuating workloads. Our monthly plan offers flexibility – pause and resume your design subscription based on your project needs, ensuring you only pay when you have work for us 😎

Unfortunately, due to the nature of work, we can’t provide a free trial, BUT we have a 7 day trial available for you so you don’t have to pay for a whole month and can get a feeling for how we can help you ❤️

Oh yea, absolutely! You can queue as many requests as you like. We will tackle them one by one, ensuring each gets the attention it deserves for top-notch results 👌

Most design work is done in Figma.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we offer unlimited revisions. If a design doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll revise it until it’s exactly what you need.

Typically, we complete most requests within 48 hours or even less. Yet, for requests that are more complex, a bit more time might be needed.

We specialize in a broad range of design services, but there are a few areas we don’t cover, such as 3D modeling and heavy animation work. Feel free to reach out with your specific needs, and we’ll let you know if it’s within our scope.

Think of our subscription as your design power-up. It’s not about one-off fixes, it’s a constant flow of UI/UX awesome. We seamlessly plug into your existing projects, adding that extra layer of polish each month 🙂

Honestly, design work is a beast. It’s complex, it evolves, and it takes serious skill to nail. That’s why we  unfortunately can’t offer refunds. We’re all-in on getting it right, and that means honest feedback and constant refinement. That’s how we’ll rock this together!

UI Rocket is a one-person agency. That means when you work with us, you’re getting me, the founder, directly. For those special extras like animations or custom illustrations, I collaborate with a network of talented partner designers.


Just try our Standard Package for 14 Days. You won’t regret it.

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